Description of the method

• I. Description for installation of flooring under vibro method

The method for installation of flooring, presented in short hereinafter, is used for over 40 years and its major advantages are the strenght and hign endurance. Reaching these qualities is possible with one relatively homogeneous mixture of quality granite with d = 14 - 16mm, adhesive (binding) components and cement - sand solution with appropriate composition, incl. chemical additives.

1. Substrate Preparation

An obligatory condition is the presence of steel - concrete construction, completed more than 28 days before. For the steel - concrete construction, the requirements on the design and implementation of the steel - concrete construction refer.

2. Installation of solution and tiles

On clean and wet construction is applied a layer of cement mortar with a thickness of 45 - 65 mm. Accurately aligned and form design slopes must be executed. The subfloor is applied bonding layer of 5 - 12 mm and on it (with or without gap) are arranged in granite tiles. Vibration starts (in the joints formed by boxes) in the longitudinal and transverse direction. Subsequent operations include cleaning and grouting the surface, which process cycle is completed.

3. Caring for flooring

The final cleaning is done after the 28th day of laying the pavement in order to avoid "undercutting" or "failure" of tile departments. In the continuous floor structure, the maximum "boxes" (without dividing strips) should not exceed 200 m2 and the area of one floor element - 650 cm2. In the presence of temperature or seismic joints, the possibility of the sagging steel - concrete construction and other specific circumstances, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid cracks - placing reinforcement mesh, polyethylene and others. Implemented this technology in flooring and raised the necessary strength, provide bearing capacity of about 1000 kg/m2. Normal use and maintenance to ensure at least 25 - 30 years period of use. Their strength, hardness and durability, combined with their low price (compared to special flooring) make them wanted by various industries in each economy.

• II. Advantages of the vibro method

The execution of such flooring for office, commercial and industrial premises is particularly appropriate because:

- The lower value of 1m2 floor;

- Incomparably greater durability and solidity, corresponding to intense passenger flow;

- Easy and fast cleaning (by machines), which in ordinary surface leads to rapid wear;

- Long warranty (lifetime) period, which ultimately reduces operating costs for investors;

Since August 2010 we are a full member of the Company for laying the flooring AK - QR, SäureFliesner-Vereinigung EV, with its own seal of quality. This is an association of producers and installers of tiles under the vibrometod, established in Germany before more than 30 years.




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